Squatters have arrived…

Here’s what happens when you take forever to finish building your house –
Someone else spots the potential and moves in!

This looks like a good spot…

And no time was wasted.  The nest appeared on the very same day this particular stone wall was finished.  Also note that, while we have several external stone walls, the spot this discerning couple chose is on top of the ONLY internal stone wall.

But wait, what is that behind Mrs Bird?  Is it a ball of black fuzz?

And is that a beak I see?

Uh-oh, there’s more than one fuzzball…

Three hungry and extremely demanding children appear.
(forgive the blurred picture – I couldn’t resist)

Leaving mum and dad with precious little time…

Hush kids, I’m posing for my close-up

And us in a difficult position and another potential delay – do we have the heart to evict these adorable squatters or do we wait for them to grow up before we put windows in the house?  We’re banking on their speedy departure driven by monstrous appetites…


One response to “Squatters have arrived…

  1. Wow, that was a quick nest indeed. Not an easy decision for you.

    Best wishes and thanks! Alena/USA.

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