Two years and counting…

This week we passed the two year mark.  I’m tempted to stop there, let that statement stand on its own and allow its significance to sink in, but in the interest of keeping a positive attitude, I’ll press on.

With each phase of construction we’ve fielded different questions and the current favourite is “Why is it taking so long?”  I really wish I knew.  I’ve run out of answers, both to myself and sympathetic parties.  And my excel spreadsheet with it’s construction day counter has had to be extended three times already, the touching little note I made for myself next to Aug 22, 2011 “Technical Halfway Mark” (day 274) an amusing reminder of just how many days there are between 274 and today’s 733.

I think at this stage it’s best to focus on the fact – so easily forgotten – that a lot has happened over the past two years. So let’s have a look.

Remember this?

And these?  Before photos (kitchen, kitchen patio and guest room area respectively) are on the left and Current photos on the right (I don’t think we can categorise them as “After” with confidence yet).

For a full gallery, visit the updated photos page (new photos start at row 10)

PS. Betting on completion date is still open in case anyone is interested…


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