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D-Day and the Death of a Spreadsheet

In a few short days my beloved spreadsheet that has so loyally kept a record of just how many days of building we’ve endured, will show the grand number of 876 days.  Beyond that the document is blank.  Not because the project is finished, but because we have to move in.  Building – if that’s still the appropriate word for what’s happening – will continue, but I’m pretty sure I can’t deal with updating that spreadsheet ever again.

At the time of writing, 3 days before the big day, here’s a glimpse of what we’ll be moving into.

The Kitchen column where the oven will go:

Column for oven prepared_Day 829

Impressed?  But wait, here’s the Master bathroom:

Master bathtub surround_Day 814

And the wonderfully sophisticated Lounge with its excellent finishes:

Lounge with fireplace_Day 822

Can you feel my pain as you take in these pictures…? If not, I’m confident the updated gallery will provide a clearer picture of our agony and frustration.  Since it may be a while since we’re online again (we are waiting for a telephone pole to be put in), enjoy the photos and please, oh please, spare a thought.

I now declare the campsite open…

Camping out has started

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